Food Prep Tables


Valpro refrigerated food preparation tables combine refrigeration with your workspace optimizing the space in your kitchen.  Valpro food preparation tables are available in a variety of sizes and configurations allowing you to have everything you need in one convenient location whether you are making pizza, gourmet sandwiches or salads.  Our dynamic air flow design will ensure your toppings are always kept at a food safe temperature while the digital thermostat will allow you to see the temperature at a glance.  All Valpro refrigerated food preparation tables are delivered with pans and cutting board standard and permit flexible pan configurations.  All our refrigerated food preparation tables are built with uncompromising quality, utilize oversized and balanced refrigeration systems for improved reliability and performance.  

Valpro UL Energy Verified refrigerated food preparation tables will save you money with lower operating costs.   Our energy efficient refrigerated food preparation tables along with our full line of products (reach-in refrigerators, glass door merchandisers, ice makers, refrigerated bar equipment, undercounter refrigerators and freezers) have been redesigned to be more environmentally friendly with greater efficiency than previous generations.  At Valpro Commercial Refrigeration we are continually innervating to provide value added commercial refrigeration products of the highest quality while delivering commercial refrigeration products at more affordable costs.

All Valpro Commercial Refrigeration products undergo a rigorous multipoint inspection process prior to packaging and shipping to assure our products are received in perfect condition and working order.  All Valpro Commercial Refrigeration products are operated and monitored for a minimum of 13 hours prior to packaging.  Valpro corporate headquarter are located Tampa, Florida and our support and sales staff are standing by for assistance, and to provide additional information about our energy efficient commercial refrigeration units.

At Valpro Commercial Refrigeration our goal is to transcend expectations.  Our commercial refrigerators, freezers and ice makers will match and exceed the energy efficiency, workmanship, and features of our higher priced competitors.  Our team at Valpro Commercial Refrigeration will also provide a refreshing customer experience where your satisfaction is our primary goal.
We understand at Valpro Commercial Refrigeration that running a bar, restaurant, hotel, store or any food and beverage enterprise requires durable and dependable commercial refrigeration equipment.  Our refrigerators, freezers, and ice making machines are designed for the duty required by a commercial environment.  At Valpro Commercial Refrigeration we guarantee our professional team, commercial refrigeration dealers and manufacturers representatives will provide the support you require when you need it.

This is the Valpro way and the Valpro difference. Contact us today for more information.